Trees! Lights! Food! Christmas!

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  1. Julieann Knox says:

    Love your description of the German Christmas!
    I grew up in Milwaukee with very German Grandparents. And we did everything on Christmas Eve including a light supper and a 11:00 pm church
    Service and of course opening all the gifts!! Christmas Day was for relaxing…..almost forgot
    The STOLLEN! Which is still a part of our Christmas
    Today! My family insists that I make it every year!

    I am a friend of Olgas and that is why I was able to read your Facebook entry! We in fact connected with Olga and Ed in Speyer one year for a brief afternoon!

    I married an Englishman and we live 1/2 the time in Indiana and 1/2 the time in Newcastle UK where Christmas is not celebrated on Christmas Eve!!! And
    Instead of Stollen there is Christmas Pudding and fruit cake!!! Love all the culture differences!!!

    Thanks for your wonderful description of the American versus the German Christmas!

    Julieann(Vanselow) Knox

    • Olga Platt says:

      Our children were lucky enough to have two Christmases each year — Christmas Eve with my Austrian/Slovenian-American parents, celebrating in the German tradition , and Christmas morning with Ed’s American parents, opening presents from Santa Claus.

      Olga Platt

  2. Hi Julieann, yes, I definitely know your name from my parents, thanks so much for your comments!
    I can’t believe I forgot the Stollen! Oddly enough, it’s my dad–with no Germanic roots whatsoever–that likes them. The rest of us are on team “No, thanks!”
    Would love to hear more about the traditions in the U.K.!
    Best wishes and Happy Holidays!

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