Go International in 2016!

The New Year 2016 is underway, and it is time for companies to set new business goals and budgets.
If your enterprise is seeking to expand its international presence this year, we would be happy to do our part to make your transition to the global stage a smooth one by offering you our Intercultural Training USA, Presenting for an American Audience, Negotiating with Americans and/or Conflict Management in International Teams seminars!

Don’t let your business get caught flat-footed by underestimating the importance of knowing how other cultures tick; the success of your joint ventures depends on clear communication and heightened understanding of your international counterparts. With┬áthe USA being a coveted region for global business expansion, a thorough knowledge of how Americans approach daily work tasks, communicate, negotiate and present (and expect from others’ presentations) is of paramount importance.

Book one of our trainings now, and take the first step toward ensuring global success! Our seminars are highly interactive, informative, eye-opening and, yes–entertaining . Register for one of our open seminars or for an in-house, customized-to-your-needs training.

Do you first need to brush up your business English in order to communicate confidently with your native English-speaking counterparts? We can help you here too!
From our office to yours, we wish you a successful, healthy and prosperous year 2016 and look forward to working with you soon!